The President and Immigration Law

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Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
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In their powerful new book, leading immigration law scholars Professors Cristina Rodríguez (Yale) and Adam Cox (NYU) interrogate the long history of presidential power in the realm of immigration policy to demonstrate how and why the executive branch assumed increasingly expansive discretionary powers and implemented them in the domain of immigration law. Their in-depth study dives into a range of diplomatic controversies over, institutional histories of, and case law about immigration policy and presidential power in immigration law from the revolutionary era to the present. Rodríguez and Cox contend that grappling with the reasons why and processes by which the president has become the “policymaker-in-chief” in matters of immigration law will empower lawmakers, scholars, and advocates to identify areas requiring and means to reform U.S. immigration policy and policymaking. At our event the authors will introduce and discuss their book’s interventions in conversation with two distinguished interdisciplinary scholars of U.S. immigration legal and political history: Professors Rogers Smith (Penn) and Adam Goodman (UIC). The panel will then open to a general Q&A.

Cristina Rodriguez and Adam Cox